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Sonntag, 18.02.2024  


Aerial Hoop: spinning – splits – balances 

  • Spinning combinations, splits and balances 

  • Flares and conditioning 

  • Level: you should feel comfortable in Level I  



Aerial Silks: drops – spins - climbs 

  • Various drops, spins and climbs 

  • How to put material together for a choreography 

  • Requirements: climbing 

Iza 3.jpg


Izabelė Kuzelytė is an artist and performer of aerial acrobatics and dance, from Lithuania. Izabelė participates in various projects in Lithuania and abroad as a freelance artist and choreographer. She graduated from Scuola di Circo Torino - FLIC. 

Izabelė also participated in trainings hosted by various international festivals and projects (Baltic Nordic Circus, New Circus Weekend, etc.) which contributed significantly to her experience and knowledge in stage arts. 

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